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Dedicated to the loving and careful preservation of classic off-copyright animation and films.

Cartoon Renewal Studios announces CARTOONSGALAXY.COM – CRS-TV, “Where cartoons live” TM – cartoon SuperStation for 2022 – there are 125 cartoons now and many more will be added.

CRS-TV Superstation NYC – Where Cartoons Live TM — Sneak Preview

Cartoon Renewal Studios is now offering full-service flat-rate film restoration services, including: cleanup, upscaling, soundtrack restoration and colorization of film – details below…

cartoon renewal studios offers full service film restoration

Our technicians use state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence systems to transform rare early animation and films into beautiful, full 1080-HD presentations.

preserving the classics for all time

Cartoon Renewal Studios productions will be available for purchase and streaming on Apple, Google and Amazon.

your favorite entertainment, anywhere, anytime

In the link below, you can see Popeye the Sailor in “Ancient Fistory” (1953) by Famous Studios, remastered in 1080HD – side-by-side compared to the damaged standard definition source

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One-stop, flat-rate pricing, full-service film digitization, restoration, preservation and colorization – with soundtrack restoration – offered by Cartoon Renewal Studios

– Transfer of 35mm, 16mm and 8mm film stock to digital film, with sound

* $500.00 USD per film (base-fee), plus 50 cents per foot of film (additional fee) – includes delivery of uncompressed H.264 and MPEG-4 output digital file at no extra charge

– Digital color film preservation, restoration: includes – sharpen, re-focus, de-noise, remastering (color saturation, hue, brightness, contrast, white balance, black level and skin tone), upscaling to 1080HD, soundtrack restoration (voice and music enhance, loudness, noise reduction)

* $2500.00 USD base fee plus $100.00 USD per minute of footage

– Digital film colorization (conversion from black and white to color) – includes all preservation and restoration services noted above

* $2500.00 USD base-fee plus $250.00 USD per minute of footage

– Custom digital film editing (quoted per-job to individual specifications)

– Transparent, flat-rate pricing for film transfer to digital, film preservation, film restoration, film colorization and soundtrack restoration – A first in the industry

Cartoon renewal studios is your one-stop, full service film preservation, restoration and colorization resource

Below, you can view the remastered, upscaled conversion from black and white to 1080 HD Retro Color (TM) of “THE THREE STOOGES IN BRIDELESS GROOM (1947)“:

Note that if Cartoon Renewal Studios was hired to convert “The Three Stooges in Brideless Groom” to transform the film from low-resolution black and white to color 1080 HD, complete with soundtrack restoration, the fee would have been less than $10,000.00 USD…

The Three Stooges in Brideless Groom 1947, converted from black and white standard definition to 1080HD color, 2021 by cartoon renewal studios

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